Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Nuts for trees...trees for nuts

I happened to scrutinise an email a received today detailling which streets across the city were getting new or replacement trees planted. After noticing that Chorlton got lots and Hulme only a few I enquired as to whether more could be planted in Hulme.
The answer was "yes" for replacement trees - so quick Hulme residents of you know of a site where we need a replacement tree, contact me now and I'll make sure it's not missed off this season's planting.
As for new trees, now is the time to propose sites for next winter's tree planting, so again, please contact me. I've raised the question of what species of tree will be planted and I'll be putting in requests for nut trees so we can harvest our own nut crops in years to come.
See this link for the Totnes Transition Town nut tree planting project, which is were the inspiration comes from:

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