Friday, 22 February 2008

The Manchester Evening News is a quality newspaper - myth or reality?

Just when you think they couldn't get any worse, the MEN do something that looks good, but just can't be...and it wasn't.
Before I go on, I must say that I am convinced that there are many good journalists at the MEN, however somewhere in the process of reporting the news, something seems to go badly wrong.

I would love to say "Well done" to the MEN for their piece on Climate Change - lovely picture of the earth of the front cover, but when they asked the question in their Climate Change debate - myth or reality, is Climate Change caused by human activity they set the debate back a good few years.
So, well done Evening News objective acheived. Because of course you don't want to tell the truth, to represent the consensus of Scientists, the IPCC, Kyoto, David King, Bali...etc etc

The question now is how bad will it be, how much of the human population of the planet will be wiped out and how many of our sister species will we take with us.

And the second question is what are we going to do about it?

The answer to the first question, based on current predictions is too scary to publish here - I would rather you read the next bit, than get switched off because of the fear.

In the debate the panel were asked for policy ideas for legislation to help. Kevin Anderson from Manchester Uni's Tyndall Centre said:
  • Ban all sports cars and 4x4's that do less than 50mpg
  • Ban all fridges that are less then A++ rated
  • Ban all power stations that do not use combined heat and power to use the heat that currently goes up the chimney
  • Emissions caps - either individual or per country.
From a Green Party Perspective I'd add:
  • the Climate Change Bill should have a target of 90% reductions by 2030, with 8% year on year cuts.
  • No airport expansion, phase out domestic flights.
  • Renationalise and invest in the rail network.
  • Real integrated transport in all towns and cities.
  • Ban patio heaters.
  • No big business biofuels - the emissions are worse than what they seek to replace.
In this debate progress means insulated houses, community CHP plants, wind turbines and yes, energy effiecient lighbulbs.

Anything else is just human-induced mass suicide.

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