Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Council Leader runs away from Green scrutiny

The Leader of Manchester City Council Richard Leese today used an excuse to leave the Council Chamber rather than stand up to scrutiny by Manchester's Green Councillor Vanessa Hall.
Cllr Hall used the Council meeting to ask several questions including one to the Leader of the Council regarding the plan to expand business flights at Barton Aerodrome turning it into a "city airport".
Barton Aerodrome is owned by the Manchester Ship Canal Development Company, which is in turn owned by Manchester City Council and Peel Holdings.

The Leader declared an interest as a Director of the Ship Canal Company but failed to make provision for one of his deputies to answer the question, despite them both being present and him receiving the question last Thursday.
Councillor Hall asked the question anyway, then commented in her supplementary question that as he'd had nothing to say for himself she must assume that he is in agreement with her on the issue of business flights and then on as assumption that he would have said something about economic growth, reminded the chamber of the seriousness of the impact of climate change both globally and in this country, which she is sure that Richard Leese is aware of and asked, Why he continues to put economic growth above survival?

This question, like the previous one was left hanging in the air as Manchester Labour clearly don't seem to have the answers.

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